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Sport Clubs

Bowling Club

Whether you are a once-in-a-blue-moon-type bowler or a self-proclaimed professional, you are GUARANTEED to have fun with the UAH Bowling Club!

Climbing Club

The UAH Climbing Club is a group of students from The University of Alabama in Huntsville who are involved in indoor and outdoor rock climbing. As a club, we want to make it possible for students to grow as climbers mentally and physically through a variety of social and individual opportunities the club can provide. We want to make the sport more accessible to beginners and help advanced climbers increase awareness for safe climbing practices and the importance of these practices. UAH Climbing Club was founded to organize and expand the climbing community at UAH.

Club Cycling  

This club promotes cycling on campus with recreation fun rides as well as competing in the South Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference. We participate in Road, Mountain and Cyclocross events. We also do a few fun rides on campus for those not interested in competition as well as weekly mountain and road rides for fun!

Club Fishing Team

The UAH fishing team is a recreational organization striving not only to compete on the water against other colleges nationally, but to promote conservation of our ecosystem and wildlife. The fishing team accepts all students ranging from those who love fishing and boating to those who have never done either. This club offers competition, and learning experiences for all levels.

Club Ice Hockey Team

The Club Hockey team is a group of students from The University of Alabama in Huntsville who are looking to play competitive hockey while going to school. As a club we are hoping to compete against other teams in the area. Hockey is a fast paced, full contact sport and this club is a great way for students to continue playing organized hockey.

Disc Golf Club

The UAH Disc Golf Club, founded on November 14th, 2017, is a group of students that come together and bond over their shared love of Disc Golf. We welcome all new members no matter the experience level. We have plenty of discs for people to borrow if they want to see what the sport is all about.

Recreational Outing Club

The mission of the ROC is to share the enjoyment of the outdoors as well as educate the leaders of tomorrow about the wonders that can be found therein. The club also focuses on the importances of protecting the outdoors and its integrity for future generations. The purpose of ROC is to foster activities and outings (climbing, hiking, camping, canoeing, ext.) throughout the year while simultaneously promoting physical activity and love of the outdoors in The University of Alabama in Huntsville student body.

Rowing Club

We are a Rowing Club. Our objectives are to provide all UAH students with an opportunity to build physical fitness, technical skill and team spirit for any UAH student wanting to compete in an intercollegiate club sport. This objective is reached through both team practices and organized competitions with other rowing programs across the United States.

Rugby Football Club

UAH's representation on the rugby pitch! Anyone of any skill level is welcome to join us as we learn the basics of the sport and play against teams from around the southeast!

Men's Club Ultimate Team

The UAH Ultimate Club is the competitive ultimate frisbee team that competes on behalf of The University of Alabama in Huntsville in the USA Ultimate College Championship Series, and associated tournament events. While we strive to compete against some of the Southeast's largest schools, our core aim is to develop the character and attutudes of our players, and to see them succeed in their lives beyond the ultimate field.

Women's Club Ultimate Team

This organization is a women's ultimate frisbee club team. The team travels to nearby locations in the Southeast to compete against other schools' women's ultimate teams.


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