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Club Cycling  

This club promotes cycling on campus with recreation fun rides as well as competing in the South Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference. The club participates in Road, Mountain and Cyclocross events. The club also does a few fun rides on campus for those not interested in competition, as well as weekly mountain and road rides for fun!

Club Hockey Team

The University of Alabama in Huntsville Club Hockey team is comprised of attending students that competes in the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) and the South Eastern Collegiate Hockey Conference (SECHC) at the Division III level. Hockey is a fast-paced, full contact sport and this club allows for students to continue playing competitive, organized ice hockey while furthering their education. For more information, visit the team's website at uahclubhockey.com

Club Soccer  

The UAH Club Soccer Team looks to further player's soccer development and skills by allowing students who want to focus on their education the opportunity to still play against other universities and schools, have weekly practices, and receive training and conditioning.

Disc Golf Club

The UAH Disc Golf Club offers a place for all students to find the thrill of disc golf while meeting other students. Whether you have been playing for years or have never touched a disc before, they have a place for you. The club regularly organizes casual rounds aross Huntsville's courses. They also provide students who are more competitive-minded with an opportunity to compete across the southeast through Collegiate Disc Golf. Find them on Instagram: @uahdiscgolf


UAH Esports is the largest community of online gamers on campus. Within their community, they have competitive teams across a large variety of titles that compete in local and national competitions. They also host gaming-related events for all students on campus, including game nights, watch parties, and tournaments. Any students that want to join or stay updated can join their Discord server: https://discord.gg/qqEgtUK

Fencing Club

The fencing club's purpose is to provide students with a way to learn more about the sport and to give them a chance to participate in it. It is for both beginning and experienced fencers, whether they are looking to compete or just try the sport out.

Rowing Club

The Rowing Club's objectives are to provide all UAH students with an opportunity to build physical fitness, technical skill and team spirit for any UAH student wanting to compete in an intercollegiate club sport. This objective is reached through both team practices and organized competitions with other rowing programs across the United States.

Rugby Football Club

UAH Rugby is a growing club that is focused on personal development on and off the pitch. The organization competes against other universities and participates in regional tournaments. Any experience or fitness level is welcome as rugby is a sport for everyone.

Spikeball Club

The UAH Spikeball club provides students with the opportunity to enjoy a good atmosphere while playing spike ball recreationally. The club also provides students the opportunity to represent UAH in competitive spikeball roundnet.

Strength Sports Interest Group

The Strength Sports Interest Group aims to connect students who share a love for lifting weights. We have both casual and competitive members, including a UAH powerlifting team that competes in the USAPL.

Table Tennis Club

The Table Tennis Club is a recreational club geared towards the enjoyment, further learning and active competition in table tennis at the collegiate level. The goal is to build a team that can compete in the top tier of competitions nationwide.

Men's Club Ultimate Team

The UAH Ultimate Club is the competitive ultimate frisbee team that competes on behalf of The University of Alabama in Huntsville in the USA Ultimate College Championship Series, and associated tournament events. While we strive to compete against some of the Southeast's largest schools, our core aim is to develop the character and attitudes of our players and to see them succeed in their lives beyond the ultimate field.

Women's Club Ultimate Team

This organization is a women's ultimate frisbee club team. The team travels to nearby locations in the Southeast to compete against other schools' women's ultimate teams.

Men's Volleyball Club

The UAH Men's Volleyball Club provides an environment for students with a love for the game. We aim to promote physical activity, engage in scrimmages, and host events available for all. Whether you're looking to make new friends or sharpen your skills, the Men's Volleyball Club has a place for everyone!

Women's Volleyball Club

The UAH Women's Volleyball Club provides an environment for students with a love for the game. We aim to promote physical activity, engage in scrimmages, and host events available for all. Whether you're looking to make new friends or sharpen your skills, the Women's Volleyball Club has a place for everyone!


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