Coral Quering,UAH Biological Sciences student at Hope Works in Huntsville Alabama.
Coral Quering,UAH Biological Sciences student at Hope Works in Huntsville Alabama.

The Department of Biological Sciences at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), part of the University of Alabama System, actively fosters connections with local communities and organizations. Their latest collaboration with Hope Works in Huntsville, Alabama, which will soon open its doors to the public, is a remarkable example of their dedication to cultivating plants and sharing knowledge with others.

Fran Fluhler, Director of Manna House, oversees the program at Hope Works and has been a key collaborator in the partnership between UAH and Hope Works. The training facility prioritizes skill acquisition, job progression, and personal development, with free classes available to the public. Ms. Fluhler is also a UAH Biological Sciences alumna, and this initiative serves as her way of giving back to her alma mater.

Lara Rae Holladay from the UAH Biological Sciences department is a key member of this collaboration with Hope Work. The UAH Biological Science Department partnership and this training facility seek to offer gardening classes by facilitating a comprehensive understanding of cultivating food and flowers. These weekly classes will include practical experience at an on-site farmers market, where students will learn essential skills in selling their products to customers. The program will also conduct workshops on plant-based cooking techniques, utilizing the garden's produce to promote sustainability and healthy living practices.

Additionally, the initiative will involve a monarch butterfly rescue project at the garden, where students from UAH will transplant seeds to help pollinators and support the monarchs' migration journey.

What makes this initiative truly remarkable is its potential as a valuable community asset and its role in empowering UAH students. Coral Quering, a Biology major, and Parker Duhon, an Information Systems senior student with a business major, dedicating their time to this endeavor will not only contribute to the garden's development but also engage in teaching classes to individuals who will participate in the training facility.

Arthur Murray (left) and Sam Lewis (right), business partners at CORE Prototyping

Coral Quering, a freshman in the Department of Biological Sciences

Quering, originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, actively participates in this partnership. Her career aspirations lie in conservation biology, focusing on local ecosystems' ecology and the interplay between plants and animals. Additionally, she is an active member of the biological society and volunteers at the UAH greenhouse; she demonstrates exceptional commitment even in her first year of college.

Duhon also has played a crucial role in the project despite not being a College of Science student. Graduating this semester, he dedicates his time to assisting at the greenhouse and developing a computerized system for the UAH community garden on campus.

The partnership between the UAH Biological Sciences Department and Hope Works exemplifies community empowerment. Through the dedication of individuals like Coral Quering and Parker Duhon, this initiative fosters collaboration and shared learning, enriching lives and promoting inclusivity and healthy living. As the garden thrives, it demonstrates the transformative power of partnerships in creating positive change within our communities.