Simone Booth at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Simone Booth's ('23) journey takes a turn as she begins her internship at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. Booth is a recent graduate in Computer Science from The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), a part of the University of Alabama System, who, in February 2023, applied for an internship at NASA. She received an offer letter in May and began her internship at NASA in June.

Her remarkable performance has allowed her to apply for an extension of her internship into the fall, providing an exciting opportunity to expand her knowledge and skills further. During her internship, Booth has been assigned various projects, and her proficiency in coding, acquired through her computer science degree, has made utilizing the required tools seamless.

Booth's academic journey at UAH began as an environmental engineering student, but her passion for coding led her to switch her major. With a minor in game design, she found herself engrossed in coding-related coursework, ultimately solidifying her path in computer science at the College of Science.

She offers valuable advice for students needing help finding their ideal major: "Take as many classes as you can in fields that interest you. Through my game design minor and exposure to various departments during entry-level classes, I discovered my passion for coding. If you wish to switch majors, do it sooner rather than later." Booth expresses that the College of Science electives helped guide her path.

Booth recalls the most challenging aspect of the internship application process: articulating her reasons for wanting to intern at NASA. Proving oneself as a valuable asset, displaying a thirst for knowledge, and demonstrating the potential to achieve results is crucial in securing such opportunities.

At the end of her summer internship at NASA, Booth anticipates delivering a comprehensive presentation encompassing the invaluable lessons learned; the obstacles overcome, and her overall experience. This final task is a testament to the growth and development she has experienced throughout her time at NASA.

Reflecting on her experience, Booth expresses her desire to continue her journey with NASA. She is currently exploring the possibility of pursuing a Master's Degree while participating in the internship program for Master's students, which allows for simultaneous study and part-time work. "This is my first experience in the workforce, and I think I would like to stay at NASA," says Booth.

UAH's ability to prepare students for remarkable opportunities like Booth's internship at NASA demonstrates its commitment to fostering real-world experiences that shape successful careers. With a solid foundation and a dedication to experiential learning, the College of Science continues to empower students to achieve their professional aspirations and make a lasting impact in their respective fields.