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The Computer Science Department at UAH has excellent faculty who are dedicated to teaching, research, and student advisement. All the computer science programs meet national standards for excellence and are fully accredited by ABET/CAC.

The department offers B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees with a major in computer science, an MS in Cybersecurity (MSCBS), and an MS in Software Engineering (M.S.S.E.). In addition, the department offers graduate certificate programs that can be earned in conjunction with the M.S. degree or independently of any degree.

The Computer Science Department ranks 20th in the nation in terms of external funded research.

The Computer Science Department is located in Olin B. King Technology Hall and has excellent classroom, laboratory, and student facilities. Ready access is provided to several modern, networked PC and Sun laboratories within the department. The campus fiber backbone supports easy Internet access. Additional PC laboratories are also distributed across the campus. To support Cybersecurity research and teaching, the department has the Davidson Cybersecurity laboratory and a Digital Forensics laboratory.  The departments also has a microcomputer laboratory for instruction in logic design and computer architecture.

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