As a result of increasing demand, both by students and industry, the Computer Science Department at UAH has developed two new concentrations and a certificate that will be offered as of the Fall 2020 term:

  • Data Science Concentration
  • Data Science Certificate
  • Web Programming Concentration

Data Science is currently very valuable to many companies and government agencies, and the salaries for data science professionals are quite high. According to the Burtch Works Students, the median base salaries of Data Scientists range from $95,000 (0-3 years of experiences) to $165,000 (9+ years of experience).

Data science uses various aspects of computation and mathematics to analyze large quantities of structured and unstructured data (often from different sources) in order to find insights from the data and to interpret the data. These insights and interpretations can be used in many areas, such as, in business to target advertisements to the people who are most likely to want the merchangdise being advertised, in cybersecurity to detect computer hackers, in logistics to determind the best routes to ship or the best mode of transport, and many more. 

Web programming is the functional computer code that runs behind the web pages and handles most of the functionality. The Web Programming Concentration allows students to learn the skills to make beautiful web pages with good user interfaces. Upon graduation, students will be equipped with the tools to run their own web consulting business that provides web pages for companies and organizations. 

View the various requirements for these new offerings here.