The Science Ambassador program cultivates passionate College of Science student leaders who demonstrate the diversity of our community and are happy to share their UAH stories! Our ambassador team consists of knowledgeable student leaders who will provide you information on the exceptional academic, cultural, and social opportunities.

Applications for the 2021-2022 Academic Year are now closed. Check back in March/April for the 2022-2023 application cycle. 

cropped cos ambassador avonlea benefieldcropped cos ambassador avonlea benefield

Avonlea Benefield

Major: Biological sciences

cropped cos ambassadors krina bhagatcropped cos ambassadors krina bhagat

Krina Bhagat

Major: computer science

cropped cos ambassador rosslyn escoto navarrocropped cos ambassador rosslyn escoto navarro

Rosslyn Escoto Navarro

major: space science

cropped cos ambassador emily gothrocropped cos ambassador emily gothro

Emily Gothro

major: biological sciences

cropped cos ambassador allison jonescropped cos ambassador allison jones

Allison Jones

Major: physics & astronomy

cropped cos ambassador steven macleroycropped cos ambassador steven macleroy

Steven MacLeroy

Major: atmospheric & earth science

cropped cos ambassador sidney martincropped cos ambassador sidney martin

Sidney Martin

major: Biological sciences

cropped cos ambassador aaron newchurchcropped cos ambassador aaron newchurch

Aaron Newchurch

major: biological sciences & chemistry

cropped cos ambassador hali powellcropped cos ambassador hali powell

Hali Powell

Major: chemistry

cropped cos ambassador brayden sellerscropped cos ambassador brayden sellers

Brayden Sellers

Major: Physics & astronomy

cropped cos ambassador brianna stanleycropped cos ambassador brianna stanley

Brianna Stanley

major: Biological sciences

cropped cos ambassador nicole trayvickcropped cos ambassador nicole trayvick

Nicole Trayvick

major: chemistry

cropped cos ambassador eirian waldroncropped cos ambassador eirian waldron

Eirian Waldron

Major: individualized

cropped cos ambassador emily wisinkskicropped cos ambassador emily wisinkski

Emily Wisinski

Major: atmospheric & earth science