Science Ambassadors

Accepting new applicants now!

Eligible candidates are full-time undergraduate or graduate College of Science students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 who are able to commit to at least a one-year term. 

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Ambassadors play an important role in:
  • Recruiting future College of Science students
  • Encouraging peer involvement and participation 
  • Cultivating the culture found within the College of Science student body
  • Taking pride and investing in the College of Science
  • Modeling excellence through high academic performance, admirable conduct, and consistent participation in College of Science activities
  • Networking and collaborating with different Colleges and Departments
  • Developing strong mentor/mentee relationships
  • Participating in regular professional development sessions organized by the Dean

2021 College of Science Ambassadors

Alondra Delgado Biological Sciences
Hannah Johnston Biological Sciences
Rishi Kamath Mathematical Sciences & Computer Science
Sidney Martin Biological Sciences
Aaron Newchurch Biological Sciences & Chemistry
Addison Reed Chemistry & Biological Sciences
Cheyenne Robb Chemistry
Brianna Stanley Biological Sciences
Eirian Waldron Biological Sciences
Olivia Whitaker Biological Sciences
Emily Wisinski Atmospheric & Earth Science