If you are applying from outside the United States

The only financial assistance available is in the form of teaching assistantships. Unfortunately, our ability to offer teaching assistantships to foreign students is very limited. Because of the expenses involved (both for us and the applicants), we can offer teaching assistantships to foreign applicants only if we are confident that

  • They have the ability, interest, and background to successfully pursue an advanced degree in mathematics, and
  • They already have the skills and the interest to be outstanding teachers and tutors of low-level mathematics to students who only speak English.

Because of this, we ask that you not submit an application unless you can satisfy all of the following:

  1. You have an undergraduate (or graduate) degree in mathematics. (In your personal statement, be sure to list the college level math courses you have taken along with the grades you received.)
  2. You have taken the GRE and know your GRE scores.
  3. You have taken the TOEFL and know your TOEFL scores (if your native language is not English).
  4. You can provide evidence, in addition to the TOEFL scores, that you fluently speak and write in the English language.
  5. You can provide evidence that you would be an effective teacher.

In addition, to use the on-line application form, you must have an email address at which we can contact you. All of our responses to on-line applications will be via email. Requests to mail our responses cannot be honored.

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