A M.S. degree program in Materials Science was established at UAH in 1998. This program has both a Plan 1 (thesis) and Plan 2 (non-thesis) option.

Tri-Campus Cooperative Exchange

Program Information

Implemented in Alabama in 1989, the Tri-Campus Cooperative Exchange program is an innovative joint undertaking between the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), the University of Alabama (UA) and the University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB) offering Materials Science Ph.D. students a unique opportunity to complete (for credit) classes that can be added to the academic progress of their degree. The degree is system-granted and is shared between all three campuses. This program enables a truly multi-disciplinary education experience for the student and leverages the expertise of over 80 faculty on all three campuses. Depending on the course, the classes may be offered via distant learning and/or require the student to travel to the campus.

The joint nature of the Materials Science Ph.D. program has led to improved faculty collaboration in research and has promoted shared use of research equipment among the three campuses. This collaboration has also resulted in cooperative learning experiences among faculty and students on the three campuses in areas such as research and course and program examinations. Some of the strongest research collaborations are exist between UAH and UAB faculty in field of biomedical engineering and UAH and UA faculty in the field of materials characterization.

Further interaction is also encouraged through financial support provided for students wishing to attend the annual Student Materials Science Research Symposium and the semi-annual Tri-campus Program Materials meeting. The Symposium and meetings are regularly rotated between the three campuses. For more information please email materials.science@uah.edu.

How to Enroll

To enroll in a Cooperative Exchange course under the Materials Science Ph.D. program the student must:

1. be admitted to the host campus’ graduate school. As the student has already paid an application fee and has been admitted to the home campus graduate school, these formalities at the host institutions will be waived.
2. complete the specific registration form “Cooperative Exchange Program”. Click here for Cooperative Exchange Registration forms.
3. secure signatures from an advisor and respective graduate dean.
4. return the completed Cooperative Exchange form to the respective university registrar’s office from which the student’s official enrollment to the host class will occur. Upon completion of the course, the registrar’s office will contact the Cooperative Exchange faculty member to obtain the grade earned which will then be entered into the student’s transcript.

If you have any questions concerning off campus enrollment, please email materials.science@uah.edu.

Materials Science Faculty and Staff

Over a dozen UAH Materials Science faculty members from Engineering, Chemistry and Physics disciplines are active in micro-gravity, biomaterials, surface science, advanced manufacturing, and energy systems. UAB and UA Materials Science faculty are also adjunct faculty for the UAH program and vice versa. For more information please visit:


or you may also view faculty profiles.