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Brian Mazengero | BS '21 Professional Studies | Leadership Strategies and Dynamics Concentration

Michael Mercier | UAH

There are many different paths to career advancement, especially in business. Brian Mazengero, a graduate student at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), a part of the UA system, and former Professional Studies degree completion student, discovered that returning to finish his bachelor's degree would provide many career advancement opportunities. His success in the Bachelor’s in Professional Studies (BPS) program gave him the confidence to enroll in the Masters of Business Administration program at UAH. Brian's commitment to completing his undergraduate degree and his optimism about academic and career success motivated him to advance his skills in the business world.

Creating Motivational Commitments

It seemed impossible for me as an adult to go back to school after spending years out of college…But, all it took was deciding to return, committing to the program, and the rest is now history.

Brian Mazengero
BPS Alumni

While working as a Mobile Service and Support Supervisor at Verizon, Brian decided to enroll at UAH and complete his undergraduate degree In order to provide a better future for his family. “Returning to school enhanced my chances of getting a higher-paying job that will allow my family to live a better life.” Another factor in his return was the variety of flexible course formats offered by the BPS program. I saw the opportunity to study online, which made it possible to continue with my full-time job and study at home at my convenience. I was able to maintain my work schedule and performance while being able to incorporate my courses into my daily routine.”

Brian's commitment to further developing his career opportunities led him to pursue a Masters of Business Administration at UAH. “I want to improve my professional career prospects and options…[and] am confident that graduate school will nurture my intellectual curiosity and help me fully discover my passion while unleashing my full potential.”

Utilizing Important Resources

Brian attributes his success to two mentors from the Professional Studies faculty and staff. Kellee Crawford, Academic Success Specialist and lecturer for CPS, provided Brian with wisdom and encouragement. "She helped me from the very first day I enrolled in the program right up to my graduation day. She was my advisor and professor, and more importantly, she was able to relate to what I was going through as an adult returning to school. She shared her story of how she returned to school and went on to get her master's degree. Her story, in addition to her unwavering guidance and studying techniques, was priceless.” He also credits Dr. Melissa Morphew, stating, “Dr. Morphew or Dr. M, as I affectionately call her, was very instrumental in helping…Knowing that I could trust and rely on her along the way, especially with the final classes that demanded more focus, gave me confidence that I could accomplish what I had begun.”

When deciding to pursue his master’s, Brian undoubtedly chose UAH “because of its reputation, quality of education, knowledgeable faculty that keeps a pulse on the current industry trends…the flexibility in offering online classes…[and] because of the encouragement I received from my undergraduate advisor.”

Making Career Advancements Possible

When asked to advise returning students, Brian quoted Nelson Mandela, who said, "It always seems impossible until it is done." He applied this wisdom to his journey, saying, “It seemed impossible for me as an adult to go back to school after spending years out of college…But, all it took was deciding to return, committing to the program, and the rest is now history.” Now that he has completed his undergraduate degree and is working on his master’s, Brian is looking forward to advancing his career and being promoted to a senior management position or pursuing a management consultancy career.

If you are interested in learning more about the Bachelor’s in Professional Studies degree program, please visit CPS.uah.edu/BPS. There are five concentrations to choose from, including Engineering Technology. UAH is also launching the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology in Fall 2022. To learn more, visit CPS.uah.edu/BSET.


CPS Advising

Kellee Crawford
BPS Academic Support Specialist