Take Charge of Your Technology Tools!

As a student in Engineering Technology, you will utilize computing throughout your undergraduate studies at UAH. All incoming students (freshmen or transfer) are required to have their own computer and access to a sufficient internet connection for participating in online instruction and completing assignments/projects/tests.

See details below or download UAH ET Technology Requirements pdf

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Technology Requirements

The following are the Engineering Technology Program minimum requirements for computer hardware/software and internet access. Other UAH Colleges, Departments, Programs and/or individual courses may have additional requirements regarding software, hardware, or access to specific educational technologies.


  • CPU/Processor: Intel Core i5 or better is recommended
    • Intel Core i5 with a video card like nVidia as a minimum requirement. Intel Core i7 or better with a video card like nVidia is suggested for efficient operation of CREO (for 3D modeling) and graphics rendering.
  • RAM: 16 GB minimum is recommended
  • Hard Drive: 250 GB HDD minimum rated at a minimum of 7200 RPM, (250 GB SSD recommended)
  • Screen Resolution: 1280x80 or higher
  • Wireless Network Card OR Wired Networking Card: Needed to access the internet
  • Camera, Microphone & Speakers: Needed to Interact with Online and Hybrid classes
  • Warranty: Recommend 4 years of support
  • Calculator: You will need a calculator capable of basic trigonometric functions and exponents.


  • Operating System: Windows 10 or OS X and up
  • Adobe Reader: 11 or newer (Free Download: desktop | mobile
  • Google Aps: UAH provides Google Apps for all students for email and online office tools.
  • Microsoft Office: Check Chargerware for Office 365 Education (free for students for both PC and MAC – note, UAH does not offer support for downloading or installation)
  • Turnitin: If you are using Turnitin through Canvas you do not need to upload a separate plugin, but you may need to adjust some settings in your browser.
  • MATLAB: Download via Chargerware or utilize free Mathworks.com cloud based service available to UAH students with UAH email address.
  • PTC CREO : A drafting software package used in ET 302 and ET 310. Student versions are available to access in the Engineering Technology on-campus computer lab or a free student version download is available. More info: PTC software usage recommendations.

Internet Access:

Students in the Engineering Technology Program will need adequate internet access to fully participate in courses, regardless of the instructional format (online, hybrid, or in-class). The minimum requirement for internet access will allow access to Canvas, Panopto, Zoom, and any supplemental course platforms, such as Cengage, that may be required.

  • Minimum requirement: 10 Mbps connection
  • Recommended: 100 Mbps down streaming/10 Mbps upstreaming
Frequently Utilized Online Resources
  • Canvas: Learning management system (LMS) used across the UAH campus. Students participating in online courses will access all coursework through Canvas. Faculty teaching hybrid and in-class courses may use Canvas to post syllabi, collect assignments (often utilizing Turnitin), communicate with students and post grades.

  • Supplemental Course Platforms: Education and technology company providing both textbooks and online learning platforms. Some faculty choose to add these supplemental online learning platforms to provide students with additional information and assignments.

  • Panopto: Allows students to view content on demand or through Webcasting or live streaming. Webcasting allows students the opportunity to view and interact with a live class as it is being recorded. If you are interested in seeing your class live, please contact your instructor to request this option.

  • Zoom*: Video conferencing system used by many faculty and staff on campus to conduct web conferences, to present synchronous class meetings, to present remote speakers for class, or to meet with students when an in-person meeting is not possible.  

*Zoom requires 1.5Mbps. Your internet speed will depend on how many devices are using a single source at one time. Having access to a 100Mbps plan does not guarantee 100Mbps speeds, your speed depends on usage. A 100Mbps upload plan may only give you 30-50 Mbps depending on usage.

Technology Resources

Once you are officially enrolled as a student at UAH, you should be able to access Chargerware from my.UAH.edu and review software available for download to your personal computers. Individual courses may require additional resources; when necessary, additional access information is typically provided during course instruction periods.

Resources for All Students

Resources for Engineering Technology Students


See UAH Enhanced Learning Training Resources Page for additional resources.