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Natural and Man-made Hazard Mitigation Plan

UAH, through a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), is developing a Natural and Man-made Hazard Mitigation Plan.  The purpose of this plan is to develop a unified approach for dealing with identified hazards and hazard management problems.  The plan will serve as a guide for various UAH departments and units in their ongoing efforts to reduce vulnerability to the impacts produced by natural and man-made hazards.  The mitigation strategies are intended to be incorporated into the university's short- and long-term planning efforts.  The plan will address the following goals:

  • Establish an ongoing hazard mitigation planning program
  • Identify and assess the hazards that pose a threat to life and property
  • Evaluate additional mitigation measures that may be undertaken
  • Outline procedures for monitoring the implementation of mitigation strategies.

The mitigation plan will provide guidance for campus mitigation activities and encourage those activities that are most effective and appropriate for reducing the effects of natural and man-made hazards on the UAH campus.

Campus Involvement

During the plan development process the mitigation planning groups are soliciting feedback from the campus community.  You are encouraged to provide feedback and input through the Office of Emergency Preparedness.  You are invited to review and comment on the draft document throughout the development process.

Public meetings will be held from time to time to solicit feedback and provide opportunity for the campus community to interface directly with members of the Disaster Resilient University Committee (DRUC).  The DRUC is responsible for overseeing the plan's development.  Public meetings will be announced in advance through official UAH communication channels.

A copy of the current plan draft may be accessed through this link.

Please forward comments and questions to Kevin Bennett, Emergency Management Coordinator, at kevin.bennett@uah.edu or (256) 824-6875.