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Emergency Drills and Exercises

Upcoming Drills and Exercises

  • Campus Lock-down Drill - TBD
    • This drill  simulates a campus lock down such as might occur during an armed assailant intrusion on campus.  The campus community is encouraged to participate and to think ahead about what steps and actions one might take in the event of an armed assailant on campus.  Information about past drill exercises may be found here:  Lock Down Exercise - 2013-08-08
  • Bomb Threat Tabletop Exercise - TBD
    • Bomb Threat scenarios focus on actions which campus stakeholders would take in the event of a bomb threat affecting all or part of the campus. 

Fire and Evacuation Drills

The Office of Emergency Preparedness assists the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) in conducting academic and administrative building evacuation drills.  These drills are scheduled through the year with a goal of performing at least one evacuation drill per building annually.  Colleges, building coordinators and floor captains will be notified in advance of a pending drill and the exercise will be coordinated to the greatest extent possible with the various units in the building.

University Housing in coordination with OEHS conducts fire evacuation drills in campus residential facilities.