The MTS Insight system is a leading edge electromechanical load frame. The MTS Insight 50 kN system features a large column spacing to accommodate testing of oversized test samples. This additional column allows up to 5 samples, to be tested when required.


System Specifications
Manufacturer MTS
Type / Model Insight 50
Axial Force +/- 50kN (+/- 11Kip) (11,250 lbf.)
Vertical Test Space

1050 mm / 43 in

Maximum Test Speed 500 mm/minute (20 in/minute)
Minimum Test Speed 0.001 mm/minute (0.0004 in/minute)
Space Between Columns 835 mm / 33 in 


Download a copy of the system specifications:

MTS Axial/Tension/Compression Testing System