student coronavirus test

All UAH students will receive FREE coronavirus testing through the statewide GuideSafe™ (formerly known as Stay Safe Together™) program for Alabama. The testing program, funded by the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES Act), is part of the University’s Return to Campus Plan and UA System’s re-entry plan.

Re-Entry Testing Timeline

Test within 2 weeks (14 days) before you return. All students MUST receive their negative result before returning to campus and your first campus activity – before move-in, before classes. Plan so that we receive the results in time for your return.

Fully Online/Remote Students

If you are enrolled as a fully online/remote student and will not be coming on campus for any reason during the fall 2020 semester, re-entry testing is optional. Schedules will be verified.

Re-Entry Testing Options

You have several options to get tested for SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19:

  • GuideSafe™ (formerly known as Stay Safe Together™) Testing will provide free tests to every student. You will receive an email from in the next couple of weeks, with sign-up instructions. The email from will tell you about the way you will get your coronavirus test. Act promptly, so the results can be processed in time for arrival.
    • At-Home Kit. GuideSafe™ Testing has contracted with providers for UPS Health to send self-administered at-home test kits. This is likely how many out-of-state students and early arrivals will be tested. This test will require swabbing just inside the nostril – not the more invasive process you may have heard about — and sending the sample back in the prepaid packaging. If you get a kit, complete and return it immediately.
    • In Person. There are 13 locations throughout Alabama to test in person, beginning August 4th. The email from will have details about scheduling your test. Please note: these are NOT for day of arrival at UAH! You need to visit this location at least 3 days before you plan to return to campus, so you can have your results in hand when you arrive in Huntsville.
  • Private Option.  If you want your doctor to test, you can do so, but at your expense.  Simply have the test done within 14 days of return and send the results to 

If you test positive

This will happen for some – even with no symptoms. Those who test positive must follow the isolation and quarantine protocols of your state or location. You must receive clearance from a health care provider before you return.  Ask your local health department or physician for more instructions, and please let us know so we can provide you information and assistance.  Please contact the Student Health Center at 256.824.6775 or email 

If you already had COVID-19

You should NOT retest through GuideSafe™ if you had COVID-19 in the last 12 weeks. Provide those results and clearance from your current health care provider to

What to do with your results

If you use the at-home test kit or test in person, GuideSafe™ will take care of submitting results. If you test privately, or need to share a prior positive, send the results to 

What to do next

Look for your email from with additional details and instructions. Follow those instructions promptly. Get your negative test result and/or clearance, and come back to campus as soon as you can. We are waiting for you!

Why testing is needed

The University’s ability to test every student entering campus this fall will go a long way in helping us maintain a safe environment.  On our campus, testing will supplement other strategies to maintain a safe environment such as face coverings and physical distancing as well as daily symptom and exposure reporting.  Faculty and staff are also being tested.

Sentinel Testing

  • Weekly sentinel testing will be coordinated through Guide Safe™ and supplemented by our campus. Sentinel testing, which will target a randomized sample of 4-5% of the general campus population (collecting no less than 2.5% of the sample), will be used to signal trends, identify outbreaks, and monitor the prevalence of COVID19 on UA System campuses.
  • Sentinel testing is voluntary for most of the campus community, but is REQUIRED for students:
    • Living in on-campus residential housing (including Greek housing)
    • Participating in intramural club sports
    • In registered student organizations that hold in-person meetings with ten (10) or more people.


Frequently Asked Questions

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