Research Organization

Ray Vaughn, Ph.D

Vice President for Research and Economic Development


Thomas M. Koshut, Ph.D

Associate Vice President for Research and Economic Development


Robert Lindquist, Ph.D

Associate Vice President for Research and Economic Development


Kelli L. Gonzales

Executive Assistant


Debby Griffith, CAP OM

Administrative Assistant


Gloria Greene

Director, Office of Sponsored Programs


Denise Spiller

Security Administrator, Office of Research Security


Kannan Grant

Director, Office of Technology and Commercialization


John Cates

Chief Compliance Officer, Office of Compliance


Dr. Virginia (Suzy) Young

Director, Office of Proposal Development


Rigved Joshi

Director, Invention to Innovation Center (I2C)


Teresa Shurtz, CPA

Research Budget Director


Tammy Haymon

Research Budget Coordinator


Research Centers

Aerophysics Research Center

Research Institute

Steve Messervy


 256.464.6848 (fax)

Center for Space Plasma & Aeronomic Research

Gary P Zank, PhD


 256.961.7730 (fax)

Center for Modeling, Simulation & Analysis

Sara Graves, PhD

Interim Director

 256.824.4322 (fax)

Earth System Science Center

John R. Christy, PhD


 256.961.7751 (fax)

Systems Management & Production Center

Gary A. Maddux, PhD


 256.313.1922 (fax)

Information Technology & Systems Center

Sara Graves, PhD


 256.824.5149 (fax)

Propulsion Research Center

Robert Frederick, PhD


 256.824.7205 (fax)

Rotorcraft Systems Engineering & Simulation Center

Dave Arterburn


 256.642.9047 (fax)

Center for Applied Optics

Robert Lindquist, PhD



Center for Cybersecurity Research & Education

Thomas Morris, PhD