Fundamental / Basic Research

This type of is focused on advancing our understanding of the underlying principles and mechanisms that govern natural phenomena. It seeks to answer fundamental questions and uncover new knowledge that can be used to inform future research and development.

Examples of fundamental research include basic research in fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics.

Translational Research

This type of research focuses on applying fundamental research findings to develop practical solutions that can address real-world problems and needs. It seeks to translate basic scientific discoveries into tangible applications that can benefit society.

Examples of translational research include medical research that develops new drugs or therapies based on discoveries in basic biology or chemistry, or engineering research that develops new technologies based on discoveries in physics or materials science.

Fundamental research is focused on advancing our knowledge of the world around us. On the other hand, translational research is focused on using that knowledge to create practical solutions that can benefit society. Both types of research are essential for driving innovation and progress, and they often work together in a complementary way to advance scientific understanding and develop new applications.

OTC’s role is to advance and support translational research at UAH. Translational research involves a collaborative approach that brings together researchers, industry partners, and other stakeholders to address complex challenges and develop new products, technologies, and treatments.