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The Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) was established in 2007 as part of the Office for the Vice President for Research and Economic Development (OVPR) at UAH to cultivate and foster innovation. Functioning as the liaison between UAH innovators and industry partners, OTC has played an integral role in maximizing the impact of UAH research.


  • Strategic advising during the start-up pre-incubation phase
  • Evaluation of intellectual property disclosures for potential commercial viability
  • Facilitation of patenting procedures and negotiation of licensing agreements
  • Support to entrepreneurs and start-up companies licensing UAH technologies
  • Management of compliance and revenue generation throughout the innovation process
  • Establishment and cultivation of relationships between industry and UAH community

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Stakeholder Feedback

John Joseph

CEO, Obtego Cyber LLC

OTC has been phenomenal - everything I could have hoped for in a commercialization partner. OTC’s technologies present outstanding market opportunities for entrepreneurs. The terms are entrepreneur-friendly. Director Kannan Grant, an entrepreneur himself, adds tremendous value and insight, along with valuable contacts.

Dr. Kyung-Ho Roh

Associate Professor, UAH Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

The OTC is very helpful, efficient, and productive. Kannan Grant’s understanding and in-depth knowledge helped me to understand not only the process but also the ramifications of any significant decisions. His insightful guidance allowed us to make very rapid and successful progress on every occasion.

Herb Sarnoff

CEO, Infixion LLC

Those who say it is difficult to work with University licensing groups haven't met the team at UAH!

Dr. John Foster

Former Department Chair, UAH Department of Chemistry

There is growing momentum in higher education for greater relevance in the modern world, with a focus on applied research and industrial cooperation. In advertising UAH to potential undergraduate and graduate students, I readily use OTC as a clear example of relevance in training and applied thinking of UAH.

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