Clearances are passed in three ways...

  1. VALs are used to pass secret and top secret clearances. 10 days advance notice is required to ensure proper processing of the request.
  2. To pass requests for SCI access, 3-4 weeks advance notice is required, allowing sufficient time for the government to respond.
  3. International Visit Requests - secret and top secret clearances to locations other than a US Government location. 30 days notice is required.

None of the above can be hand carried; they must be transmitted from security office to security office. This provides the receiving facility the opportunity to approve or disapprove the visit.

The required information on the VAL form include:

  • Name of place being visited
  • Name of security officer
  • Security phone and fax number
  • Purpose of visit
  • Contract number or contract name
  • Non security point of contact
  • Dates of visit
  • Your full name and SSN