Become Export Control Certified

For all Faculty/Staff/Student:

To complete the on-line export control training please access CITI Export Control Training

Complete the following Course - Introduction to Export Compliance (ID 16800)

Directions for CITI: 

  • Click “REGISTER”
  • Log in through my organization – look for “The University of Alabama in Huntsville”
  • Then go to “Associate your (SSO) account with a CITI program account”
  • Click on “I don’t have an account”
  • Click on “Create a new CITI program account”
  • Scroll down to “The University of Alabama in Huntsville” and click “View Courses”
  • Click “Add a Course”
  • Only Answer Question 5 and click submit

You should now be enrolled in “Export Compliance Stage 1”

Complete the following Course - Introduction to Export Compliance (ID 16800)

Once you hit submit, it will automatically email the certificate to us.



If you do not have single sign-on contact ORS.