Institutional Partnerships

The primary focus of OPD is to provide new options for UAH to increase research funding from additional sources, and to increase opportunities for large, multi-year, multi-agency and cross-discipline grants and contracts. OPD works to develop partnership initiatives for these opportunities by establishing relationships with colleges, departments, research centers, universities, and government agencies. OPD encourages faculty and researchers to pursue these large, collaborative opportunities, which build stronger teams leading to increased award success rates.

Business Partnerships

OPD can also help as a networking platform between UAH and business, industry, and academia in order to create partnerships for procuring large grants and contracts which leads to new and extended research opportunities. Leaders in business, industry, and academia are encouraged to reach out to our office with inquiries and ideas related to partnering with UAH on large grant and contract opportunities. Depending upon the specific nature of potential projects, external industries may benefit to speak with representatives of various research offices and/or centers to develop the most appropriate method of proposal capture.

To request a consultation with a specific representative, complete the form below to arrange an initial meeting.

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