In Partnership with the UAH Office of Professional and Continuing Education

Through this partnership, you can gain valuable skills to advance your career by completing a noncredit course or a professional certificate. A 5% discount is available for Noncredit Courses and Certificates are offered through the UAH Office of Professional and Continuing Education

Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions is the leading provider of comprehensive managed education solutions that help organizations take a strategic approach to their education assistance programs.

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Steps to Receive the Partnership Benefit:

  1. View our course list and select courses.
  2. Verify that your selection qualifies for reimbursement by your employer. Refer to your employer’s Tuition Assistance Policy for information.
  3. Complete the registration form, identify yourself as a Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions client employee, and state the name of your employer.
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Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions Liaison

Fathia Hardy

Fathia Hardy
Director, UAH Office of Professional and Continuing Education

Please note: Additional employment verification may be necessary after enrollment.

Contact the Bright Horizons EdAssist Partnership Liaison for assistance or additional information.


The 5% discount is only applicable to Noncredit Courses and Certificates. It is effective for future enrollment and will not be applied retroactively.

Credit Courses and Degree Related Courses still utilize the Bright Horizons EdAssist Platform for payment with Company Tuition Assistance Programs.

See Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions FAQs for additional information.