ACCESS Alabama Cybersecurity - Coaching, Education and Support Services

Through the Alabama ACCESS program, organizations that currently or aspire to support the US Department of Defense may receive low-cost cybersecurity assistance to progress toward NIST 800-171 implementation.

US Defense Suppliers Compliance

Companies in the DoD supply chain must meet the new DFARS and NIST 800-171 minimum security standards. Through a grant from DoD Office of Economic Adjustment, Alabama’s ACCESS program provides NIST 800-171 compliance services at a reduced rate.

How to qualify for ACCESS program services

The ACCESS program will host workshops designed to enhance knowledge about DoD cybersecurity compliance and provide access to resources to aid in compliance with NIST 800-171. Services may include support in conducting a system compliance assessment as well as system security and implementation plan development.

Qualifying for services is an easy 3-step process.

  1. Complete a short questionnaire
  2. Attend FREE NIST 800-171 Compliance Workshop in your area
  3. Register for services with the ACCESS program team

See links below for more information on workshops in your area, completing the questionnaire and other resources.

Questions? Want More Information?

Contact OOE
The ACCESS program is managed by the UAH Office for Operational Excellence. Contact us for more information.

The ACCESS program is made available through a grant from US Department of Defense – Office of Economic Adjustment.