Successful Page Examples

Typical Page

Keys to success on this page

  • large image draws interest
  • lead paragraph presents most important information first
  • inline links (application for admission) direct visitors to pertinent pages
  • large UAH button provides clear call to action
  • important information is bolded within paragraph
  • proper use of headers makes content easily scannable
  • properly formatted tables make information easier to understand
  • buttons are given weighted importance by the use of color and size
  • sidebar provides links to related information and contact information
  • menu structure is organized logically for visitors

College/Department Page

Keys to success on this page

  • news tile module displays marketing-oriented news and statistics
  • lead paragraph provides concise introduction without overwhelming visitors
  • link grid presents visitors with programs of study, the next logical step for visitors
  • two-block spotlight displays notable/relatable alumni, linking to story about alumni
  • small spotlights give visitors glances at recent news and notable faculty, and provide access to contact information
  • menu structure is concise and organized logically for visitors