Mallie Hale

Portrait Requirements

In order to maintain consistency and uniformity across the website, the University has three standard options for all portraits appearing on faculty and staff directory web pages.

Doctor Tobias Mendelson

Standard A

All UAH faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to schedule a sitting with Michael Mercier, the university photographer. He will work with you to take a formal studio portrait that you are permitted to keep and use for your own professional purposes.  Click the button below to schedule an appointment with the photographer.

Make an Appt.
sunny odi

Standard B

If you are a student worker or work exclusively off-campus, consult with your office administrator to have your photo taken with a high-quality camera. This photo must meet certain criteria and be appropriately cropped in order to be approved for use on the website. Click the button to learn more about the criteria for Standard B photos.

Photo Criteria
not pictured wide

Standard C

If you are unable to make an appointment with the photographer or your office administrator, a silhouette avatar will be uploaded to the website to represent you. Such silouhettes, especially in large numbers, give the website a neglected, unprofessional tone.  Please strive to provide a Standard A or Standard B portrait.

*Please note: Only photos meeting these standards will be uploaded to the website. Photos that do not meet the requirements explained in this guide may be sent back to you for retaking.