The OMC offers both photography and videography services.


Photography services for UAH-related activities and events that take place during business hours, and portraits of faculty and staff (taken in the photography studio in SKH 342), are free as long as the photographer is not already booked. If the photographer is not available or the project falls outside the scope of OMC’s services, the OMC can recommend and help you contract with a freelance photographer; however, you will be responsible for any fees incurred. 


The OMC staff includes a skilled in-house videographer that is available by request.

Photography and videography services for student, faculty, or staff personal and/or social media needs are not provided by the OMC.

OMC manages and maintains a library of photos taken by the university photographer in an online database application called Photoshelter.

For access to Photoshelter, send your request to

Please note that if anyone under age 19 will be photographed or recorded, their parent or guardian will need to complete and sign a waiver that will be provided to you when your appointment is confirmed.