The following guidelines are provided to make the purchase of UAH-branded clothing easier and to reflect the policies followed by both Procurement and the OMC.

Colors of Fabric

The following fabric colors are approved from the 2015 USA Gildan Color Guide:

For Student Organizations

Royal, Sapphire, Black, White, Ice Grey, Gravel, Charcoal, Natural, Sand, Tan, Vegas Gold, Yellow Haze, Ash Grey, Sport Grey, Dark Heather, and Tweed

For UAH Administrative Offices, Colleges, and Departments

Royal, Sapphire, Black, White, Ice Grey, Gravel, Charcoal, Natural, Ash Grey, Sport Grey, Dark Heather, and Tweed

Polo fabric colors: Royal Blue, Cobalt, Collegiate Blue, Blue Sapphire, White, Black, Grey, Onix, Charcoal, Pewter, and Platinum

Please request a sample for any heather or comfort color blue, as they tend to be either too dark or too light. We also understand that all Royal and Sapphire fabrics are not identical, and we are happy to review your selection from the vendor to make sure that they are as close as possible to the Gildan Sapphire and Royal. If another fabric color is desired, please contact the OMC.

Colors of Ink

All ink colors can be found on the UAH Logo and Brand Guidelines. Primary colors are for the logo and secondary colors are for accents. In cases of full color photo reproduction or artwork depicting patriotic symbols, additional colors can be utilized as per your artwork. If additional ink colors are desired, please contact the OMC.


While Avenir is preferred, fonts accompanying specific event artwork can be representative of the event design.

UAH Student Organization Signature Elements

Some organizations have developed artwork over the years that has come to be recognized as a logo or a unifying theme. If an organization desires to use that theme as a graphic element on a shirt, a 3-inch UAH logo with the name underneath must also be placed on the shirt. A common design has been developed to designate most, if not all, organizations and can be present on any t-shirt design to meet this requirement. The font used for the organization name must be Avenir, in conjunction with the UAH logo.

National fraternities, sororities, and academic organizations have long-standing shields, crests, and colors that they must represent. These do not fall under the t-shirt ink guidelines, but they must follow the fabric guidelines. As an organization of UAH, any utilization of UAH or The University of Alabama in Huntsville should be represented as the full logo with the name under or written in Avenir if "UAH" is the only reference.

Artwork Requirements

Any artwork or off-campus logos presented by a college, department, or campus organization must be provided in vector art at the time of the design request.

If the college, department, or campus organization cannot supply the vector art, the OMC will recreate the required artwork for $150.00.

The required time to recreate the non-vector supplied artwork cannot be estimated until the OMC can determine the complexity of the design and the number of colors chosen.

As long as the OMC can see the design prior to printing and not as the last step prior to payment to a vendor, we are happy to work with any organization to make sure that they receive the artwork they desire.