UAH Headlines is a weekly digest of news, announcements, and events for UAH faculty and staff. It is a service of the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Submit an Item for Headlines

The items (news, announcements, and events) included in Headlines are compiled from items shown on the UAH Faculty & Staff homepage on the UAH website. To submit an item to be featured in Headlines, first submit the item to be featured on the UAH websiteNote that submitted items are subject to editing prior to publishing on the web and/or Headlines.

To receive consideration for Headlines, items submitted should meet the following guidelines:

  • Items should have broad, campus-wide appeal.
  • Items should be open to all faculty and staff and important to the campus community.
  • Items must be held on the UAH campus.
    • Off-campus events can be featured only if there is a strong University connection.
  • Under no circumstances will commercial activities be posted.
  • As a rule, announcements will not be repeated unless they are deemed by OMC to be of significant importance to the campus community as to outweigh other considerations.

Submit an item
Find out how to submit your news story, announcement, or event to the UAH website.

Correction Policy

It is important to verify the accuracy of items before Headlines is sent by verifying the item on the UAH website is accurate. Corrections cannot be made to the Headlines email after it is sent. However, we are able to make corrections to the corresponding items on the UAH website. Corrections for items on the UAH website may be sent to


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