large-iconPurchasing Hardware

OIT can help you determine which computer you should purchase for your needs. Please contact the OIT Help Desk if you would like assistance. UAH Procurement can assist you with the purchase process. For information about purchasing a Dell or Apple computer with University funds, contact Stacey Williams by emailing or by calling 256-824-6492.

Acquiring Software

Many products are available from Chargerware, UAH's online software repository.

Visit Chargerware Now!


To purchase Microsoft products other than Windows and Office, please contact our Microsoft Reseller, PCM-G. 

Stephanie Lacey

Microsoft Reseller

Please note that you should be ordering on UAH's Select Agreement.


For other software not listed in Chargerware, such as Adobe products, contact Stacey Williams in Procurement.

Stacey Williams

Procurement Officer




Need Help? ~ (256) 824-3333 ~ OIT Help Center