Windows 8 at UAHuntsville - October 23, 2012

You may have heard a lot about the much-anticipated Microsoft Windows 8, the latest new operating system from Microsoft whose release date is October 26. Because the new Windows 8 operating system was designed specifically for consumer devices such as tablets (like the new Microsoft Surface), smart phones, and lightweight "ultrabooks" without wired network connections, it represents a significant and exciting change to the familiar Windows environment. However, precisely because it's new, anti-virus protection as well as software compatibility for the Windows 8 operating system is also still in development, and the UAH supported anti-virus software (provided by McAfee) is not yet compatible with Windows 8. Because Windows 8 is not designed as an “upgrade” for any computer purchased before October 2011, and because Windows 8 lacks anti-virus software and compatibility with many educational software programs, we do not at this time recommend the use of Windows 8 on the UAH network.

Please stay tuned to the web site, and our Facebook page for additional announcements regarding Windows 8 compatibility and support. If you have any questions, please contact the TAG Help Desk at 256-824-3333. We look forward to serving you!