What is new?

ANGEL now supports more browsers!

  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple's Safari

Assessment Navigation

Instructors may enable a navigation tool to allow students to mark questions for review, sort on questions or answer stat, and jump to any question. Students may now more easily manage and navigate large assessments.

Discussion Forum Grading Rubrics

Instructors may view/edit rubric scores directly inline within the forum. Students may view the rubric before and/or after they've been graded. The students may see the completed rubric simply by clicking on the score they've received in the forum.

Submission Date on Drop Boxes

ANGEL Drop Boxes now allow you to et different Viewable and Allow Submission date ranges. This allows Drop Boxes to be present and viewable in the course without necessarily accepting submissions. This can help with student visability into upcoming work and it allows instructors to view, manage, and grade drop box submissions without risking additional or late student submissions.

Content Exchange Email Notification

Content exchange email notifications now include the full course and section IDs that have been backed up - clarifying exactly what backup action has been taken. Users will have precise information as to what courses have been backed up - and improvement on the current course ID only messaging.

Batch Export Option

Users may now create batch course export jobs that export course content only by organizational unit of by selected courses. This routine works the same as the current backup too, but also allows the creation of export files that contain the entire course and any student data. This is the preferred method for content migration from ANGEL to Blackboard Learn 9.1.

Copy Gradebook Settings

ANGEL's Terms Based Gradebook now offers the option of copying settings (all or selected) from another course's gradbook - easing the creation and configuration of the gradebook within new courses. Instructors can more easily and efficiently configure gradebooks at the start of a term.

Zip File Imports

Support for newer file types means easier file imports using the zip file import tool, allowing the automatic import/item creation tool to accurately recognize and properly process a much wider array of file types.

  • Applies to File Content types and Content Exchange items
  • MS Office 2007 XML Types supports (docx, xlsx, pptx, etc)
  • Other MIME types updated, such as iWork, Open Office, Star Office, Flash, Shockwave

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