The Office of Information Technology (OIT) previously announced that as of October 1, 2024, support will end for hardware that is 5 years old or older.

During the month of March, OIT will:

  • Provide instructions for steps that you can take to determine the age of the laptop or desktop that has been issued to you.
  • Provide details regarding the process for requesting help with the procurement of a replacement computer. 

If the computer you use is (or will soon be) in need of replacement, you are encouraged to begin the process of ordering a new computer as soon as possible to allow for the purchase, delivery, and configuration of the new device by October 1, 2024. Each department is responsible for purchasing the necessary equipment; OIT is available to offer assistance throughout the process.

If the computer is less than 5 years old, you are encouraged to set a reminder on your calendar to replace your computer before it exceeds the age of 5 years.

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