Quarterly Newsletter April, 2024

From the CIO

Malcolm Rice

In our commitment to providing efficient support, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) offers various methods of assistance. Understanding the purpose of each can enhance your experience and ensure timely resolution of your queries.Communication Methods


1.  Phone calls and direct emails to our Help Desk

  • Effective for quick queries or direct communication with OIT.
  • 256-824-3333 / helpdesk@uah.edu

2. OIT Client Portal:

  • For computer-related issues (repairs, software installations) or problems with OIT-supported applications like Banner.
  • Access instructional articles and self-help solutions.

3. On-Line User Request System (OURS)

  • Ideal for requesting specific data (e.g., Excel spreadsheets).
  • Users on campus can coordinate with data custodians to submit requests on THEIR behalf.
  • Data custodians, as subject matter experts, facilitate accurate information retrieval.

4. OIT Project Site:

  • Use the Project Intake Form on this platform for project-related requests.
  • Initiating a request in this location triggers a discovery meeting to understand your project details.
  • Enables efficient scheduling and resource allocation.


  • Efficiency:
    • Streamlined processes for specific needs result in faster response times.
  • Centralized Communication:
    • Prevents emails from getting lost in individual inboxes.
    • All relevant information and communications are consolidated in one place.

How to Choose?

  • Quick QueriesTraditional channels (Phone Calls, Direct Emails).
  • Specific Data Requests: On-Line User Request System (OURS).
  • Issues with Computer or OIT-Supported Applications: OIT Client Portal.
  • Project-related Requests: OIT Project Site.

By choosing the right method, you not only ensure your request is promptly addressed but also contribute to a more organized and efficient support process.



As we enter the new year, a priority will be on completing the transition from Self-Service Banner (SSB) 8 to the more modern and user-friendly Self-Service Banner 9. You might have already experienced the enhanced interface in applications such as Leave Balances (Employee), Budget Query (Finance), Personal Information (General), and Student Profile (Student).

We are actively working with various departments to implement the remaining applications of SSB 9, including Timesheets, Requisitions, and Registration. 

Stay tuned for updates on additional SSB 9 applications, and thank you for your cooperation as we strive to enhance your user experience.

You can visit the OIT Project Site to view a list of the current open projects. 


Jeremy Shelley, CISO

2024 Annual Cybersecurity Awareness Training Course is Now Live!



UAH faces more threats than ever before. From phishing scams to ransomware attacks, cyber threats are constantly evolving, putting UAH’s systems and data at risk. 


We're excited to announce the 2024 Cybersecurity Awareness Refresher Training Course is live and available at https://uah.instructure.com/courses/74623. All employees will receive a reminder email in the coming weeks to complete the course. The course consists of a short video and PowerPoint presentation.  This training is required for all faculty and staff and must be completed by 12/15/2024.


Reminder:  Your UAH Email is intended for UAH Business


This is your friendly reminder that UAH policy states that your UAH email account is intended ONLY for official university business. Please do not use your UAH email account for personal business such as your personal bank information or recovery email for access to personal sites. Using your UAH account in this way could lead to a compromise of your account, unauthorized access to UAH data, or loss of access to these other accounts should you no longer work for UAH. 


Watch Out for Tax-Based Phishing Emails


A number of educational institutions in the US are reporting phishing attempts against faculty, staff, and students by individuals attempting to collect personal information and even steal money from you. These phishing attempts will say they are from some tax service, consumer advocacy group, taxpayer advocacy panel or even pose as the Internal Revenue Service.  Many times these emails will contain false links to claim tax credits, collect a refund, or contest a bill you may have with the IRS. These emails may even contain personal information such as the last four digits of your social security number, relevant dollar amounts, or your home address.  


If you receive such a phishing email:

Client Services

Wendy Worlund, Director

The OIT Client Portal not only contains a list of services we offer and a collection of helpful articles. It can be used to submit a new ticket, view the status of your tickets, and see our contact information and the calendar of maintenance events (where you’ll see scheduled downtime for OIT services). Please add a bookmark to your favorite web browser and visit uah.edu/ithelp when you need information about UAH IT.


In the top right corner, make sure you’re already signed in (you’ll see your name if you are). We encourage you to click Chat With an Agent for immediate assistance, explore our articles, browse our services, and more! If you click View My Requests in the My Tickets box, you can see details and add comments or update open ones.

End Of Life

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) previously announced that as of October 1, 2024, support will end for hardware that is 5 years old or older.


To prepare for the enforcement of OIT’s Device Support Standards, those using UAH-owned devices should take steps to evaluate their device's support life and make arrangements to replace the device if necessary.


Please visit What to Know About OIT’s Support Standards to learn how to estimate the age of your device and what to do if your device is approaching the end of its support life. We provide full instructions in this article, including information about how to purchase a new computer.

Need to evaluate the support status of a Dell computer or other Dell device? Enter your Dell service tag(s) at pclookup.uah.edu to quickly determine the support status of your device(s).


Infrastructure Update

Michael Turner, Director


In the near future, the Infrastructure Team will begin the process of removing the legacy “5” (Staff5, Student5, Faculty5, etc.) wireless networks from production access points, and we ask you to start utilizing the “Eduroam” or “UAH Get Connected” wireless networks instead. If you have problems utilizing “Eduroam” or “UAH Get Connected,” please open a ticket with the help desk.


The Infrastructure Team has been working to enhance and expand the wireless network coverage; however, if you are having an issue with wireless coverage, opening a ticket with the help desk will help us identify and address areas where service is lacking.


Additionally, please inform the Infrastructure Team via a ticket if you discover damage to any network jacks or wall plates in your offices across campus. Once we are notified, we will come and repair the jack.

Enterprise Applications

William Eubank, Director

Google is enhancing the Calendar appointment scheduling experience with new features.  For those unfamiliar with appointment schedules, you can:

  • Create and share booking pages so people can book time with you
  • View booked appointments alongside your schedule in Google Calendar
  • More information can be found at the following links:

Learn about appointment schedules in Google Calendar



Improving the Google Calendar appointment scheduling experience with new features


  • Did you know that Finance has a learning page where you can access training videos and PowerPoints?  Check out this link to learn more about your budget, and transfers!  


  • Congratulations Kelly Jo Lyle for being promoted to Software Developer III. We value your hard work and commitment to UAH! Thank you for all you do!
  • Congratulations Hunter Fuller for being promoted to Network Engineer IV / Lead Network Engineer. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work supporting university network operations!
  • Congratulations to Mike Kleystueber in his retirement from UAH! Please join OIT in congratulating him on this achievement.

  • Sai Kaniganti, Software Developer II

Let us know if there is a topic you would like OIT to cover by sending an email to oit@uah.edu.