OIT has created a software questionnaire (see OIT Project Site) that assists in the evaluation process. We ask that it be sent to the vendor as early in the evaluation process as possible. This questionnaire seeks answers to common questions and allows OIT to get an understanding of the hardware and security requirements, thus giving us an opportunity to get clarification. As a bonus, it gives us a head start on any implementation. 

On the Functional tab you will find questions relating to:

  • Vendor information (it is important to understand who will be supplying the software)
  • Software information - what are the features of the application
  • Training - what training is included during and post implementation  

The most important part of the Functions tab is the 'Functional Requirements' section. This is where we encourage you to add questions related to the functions and features of the application that you desire. 

On the Security tab you will find questions relating to: 

  • Authentication - how users log into the application
  • Integration - how does the application integrate with our ERP (Banner) or other systems
  • Support - what is included during and post implementation
  • Updates - what is the current version and how often is the application updated/patched

If you are anticipating replacing software or hardware and would like OIT to help you evaluate this, please have a look at the questionnaire.  ​

- Malcolm Rice, CIO


David Gilbert, Information System Analyst III

OIT would like to welcome our newest team member, Mr. David Gilbert, as Information Systems Analyst III. He will primarily support the Budget Office, Human Resources, and Payroll. David comes to us from The University of Central Missouri. He was born and raised near Arkadelphia, Arkansas. For fun, David and his fiancé Katie enjoy watching movies, and playing all kinds of video games while hanging out with their cat Mouse. In addition, hiking and traveling are some other areas of interest for them.


Boost your efficiency with shortcuts!

  • Did you know that you can create email templates in Google Mail that allow you to be consistent with your messaging and avoid duplication of work? Read more about it at https://support.google.com/a/users/answer/9308990
  • Are you using a bookmark in your web browser to visit each website that you access regularly? It’s easy to access Google Workspace shortcuts such as mail.uah.edu, calendar.uah.edu, and docs.uah.edu. It’s not necessary to navigate to your email by visiting the UAH website or myUAH first. If you have any questions about how to do this, please contact the OIT Help Desk.
  • Set your browser’s Home page to one or multiple web pages that you need each morning to get started with your work (email, calendar, Banner, etc.). If you have any questions about how to do this, please contact the OIT Help Desk.


The Network, Systems, and Telecommunications teams have been actively working on several key projects:

  1. Core LAN Router Replacement Project - this project will replace the aging core LAN routers (the devices that connect everything on campus to everything else) with a new, highly available cluster improving performance, building redundancy, and available bandwidth.
  2. Voice over IP (VoIP) Equipment Refresh Project - this project will replace the current Cisco VoIP server infrastructure while updating the systems to the latest preferred version of operating systems. While this project will be mostly invisible to campus, it is a key refresh of aging server equipment.
  3. Wireless SSID Consolidation Project - this project will remove the older SSIDs (Staff5, Student5, Guest5, Faculty5, UAHEvents) which will improve the overall customer experience on Wi-Fi while simplifying the infrastructure.

Thank you to everyone who has begun utilizing the “UAH Get Connected” guest wireless SSID and authentication. This new SSID is intended to replace UAHEvents, while making it simpler for guests of UAH to get connected to our wireless network.

To view the current list of projects, please visit the OIT Project Site.


Have we convinced you to embrace Google Calendar?

If you’re new to using Google Calendar, see Create an Event with Google Calendar first. Then, check out Create an Event with Google Calendar - Advanced. Google Calendar seems to have an ever-growing set of features. Here are just a few.
  • Show your working hours - If you’d prefer not to be invited to events outside of your working hours, you can adjust your Google Calendar settings so organizers know to reschedule an event to a better time.
  • Receive an email with your daily agenda - Google can send you an email each morning at 5 AM that contains your agenda for the day.
Please consider that there are many browser extensions and add-ons that can work with your Google account, but they haven't all been reviewed and approved by OIT. Learn even more about using Google Calendar by visiting https://support.google.com/a/users/answer/9302892.

The Network Infrastructure Team has been actively working several operating systems on the campus core firewalls. Because the system is configured in a highly redundant environment, most users have not seen any impact during our troubleshooting and maintenance of the firewalls. However, if something appears to be not functioning as it had previously, please do not hesitate to open a ticket by emailing the OIT Help Desk (helpdesk@uah.edu). 


From Vanessa Colebaugh regarding Daniel Wilson:

 "This morning a nice, polite, young man came to help me gain access to a laptop.  He was patient and thorough and very helpful. We got it all working and he showed me how to move some files and my email from my old laptop to my new one. After he left, I went to lunch and when I returned I was unable to access my emails. I called OIT and they gave him a message to call me. He called me immediately. He was trying to help me over the phone but realized it would be easier if he just came over again. While he was on his way here, there was a VERY important Google docs spreadsheet that myself and two other co-workers HAVE to use for timesheet approval (tomorrow). Somehow the spreadsheet disappeared and neither of us could access it. We were quite frantic as this was our master list for timesheet approvals. When Daniel got here he helped me with my email problem and then helped to find the missing and very important Google docs spreadsheet. He took the time to look at all three of our computers to try and find out where it went and what happened. He was so knowledgeable and willing to help. We were so relieved to be able to get a backup of the spreadsheet so we have something to use tomorrow to approve 134 timesheets. I just want to let you know what a great help he was to us. Please send my thanks to him for his time, patience and dedication to helping us. How lucky you are to have him working on your team!  We are so grateful for Daniel’s help."

From Fathia Hardy regarding Coe Gwathney:

"I just wanted to send you a note that I have been thoroughly pleased working with Coe Gwathney over the last few weeks to get the CPS projects moved to the campus domain. Coe has been very patient and has kept me abreast every step of the way (even if I didn't totally understand it). He provides information in a way that I trust his judgment even if I don't know what things are. His customer service is superb. His problem-solving skills are top-notch. Overall, he has been great to work with and it's a pleasure working with him. Fantastic job on hiring him. He is definitely a keeper!

Normally supervisors either get negative feedback or when there is an issue. I wanted to make it a point to let you know something positive .

Thank you for lending him to us on these projects. I believe once everything is set up, it will be smooth sailing from there."