Campus Email System Forms

UAH students, faculty and staff will receive an account automatically. Please review the policies regarding email accounts. If you have a special request, please use one of the following forms:

  • Alumni Account - Migrate the content of your UAH email account to an Alumni account when you have completed your tenure as a UAH student.
  • Faculty and Staff who retire from UAH are allowed to keep control over the email account they used while actively employed at UAH. 

IMPORTANT: You must be logged into Google Apps to use the following forms. If the form does not display, sign in with your Charger ID and Google Apps password.

To request an email alias or change the alias that has been assigned to your email account, please use the OIT User Services Portal to submit your request: log in using your Charger credentials, click the Email tab, and check the availability of the alias you would like to request. If the alias is available, submit your request.