Committees Responsibilities

The University Environmental Health and Safety Committees serve a vital purpose at UAH. They are charged with important responsibilities for protecting the lives and well-being of students, faculty, staff, administration, and visitors. In addition, the UAH Safety Committees also assist in preventing damage or loss to University-owned property and the environment. 

The committees are responsible for formulating, implementing, and monitoring the University’s procedures for safety and environmental health. The committees will make recommendations to the administration regarding new and existing University health and safety procedures.  The committees also serve as a forum for the discussion of topics of interest and concern. The members of the committee act as a liaison between the committee and the departments they represent. 

EHS Committee Members

Interim VP for Research and Economic Development - Chair Dr. Robert Lindquist
Dean, College of Nursing Dr. Marsha Adams
College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Mr. Chris Taylor
Compliance/Title IX Dr. Laterrica Simmons
Assoc. Dean, College of Science Dr. Emmanuel Waddell
Associate V.P., Facilities & Operations Mr. Greg Smith
Student Affairs Student Affairs
Dean, College of Engineering Dr. Shankar Mahalingam
Interim Director, OEHS - ex officio Ms. Kristy Olive
Dean, College of Education Dr. Beth Quick
College of Business Ivey Mackenzie

EHS Committee Minutes

Radiation Safety Committee Members

Faculty involved with the use of Radioactive Materials (2-year staggered position) Dr. Michael Banish
Kristy Olive
Kristi Dendy

Facilities and Operations Safety Committee Members

Environmental Health and Safety                                   Ms. Kristy Olive
Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning (HVAC)                                     Mr. John Dant
Custodial Services  Ms. Reyna Coleman
Grounds Maintenance Mr. Daniel Cooper
Maintenance and Repair - Housing Mr. John Waley
Plumbing Mr. J.D. Bingman
Maintenance Mr. Quanteaus Jones
Electrical Services Mr. Ricky Dempsey

Facilities & Operations Committee Minutes