Nineteen projects received awards at the fifth annual Research Horizons Day poster session held in the Charger Union at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) on March 14.

The student awardees, co-authors, project titles and mentors are as follows:

College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences


First: Jake Davis (co-author: Anna McAlpin), "The Effects of Inconsistent Jailhouse Informant Testimony on Jury Decision Making." Faculty mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Neuschatz

Second: Britney Sikes, "Predictors of Problematic Social Media Use: Personality and Life Position Indicators." Faculty mentor: Dr. Pavica Sheldon

Third: Cassandra Martin, "Preference Formation in Multiagency Projects." Faculty mentor: Dr. Kristen Weger


First: Nancy Fae King, "Intercultural Communication Apprehension in Huntsville." Faculty mentor: Dr. Pavica Sheldon

College of Business


First: Maia Bergeron (co-author: Michael Pettit), "Women’s progress in leadership and success in Academia." Faculty mentor: Dr. Sophia Marinova

Second: Hans Gorowsky, "The Pilot Shortage Explained." Faculty mentor: Dr. Brinda Mahalingam


First: Jillian White, "Parental Leave: An Analysis of Job Protected, Paid Parental Leave in the United States." Faculty mentor: Dr. Brinda Mahalingam

College of Education


First: Noah Pring (co-authors: Dr. Ryan Conners, Stacy Solomon), "The Effect of Shin-Torso Alignment and Biomechanical Positioning on Muscle Activity of the Lower Extremity in Ice Hockey Players." Faculty mentor: Dr. Paul Whitehead

Second: Morgan Blair, "Utilizing Learning Walks to Notice and Discuss Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices." Faculty mentor: Dr. Sarah Roller

Third: Maggi Welch, "Mobility Apprehension in Amputees." Faculty mentor: Dr. Shannon Mathis

College of Engineering


First: Darnisha Crane (co-author: Mingtai Chen), "Rotor Wing Interaction at Low Reynolds Numbers." Faculty mentor: Dr. James P. Hubner


Second: Nathan Schilling (co-author: Robert Adams), "Development of a pulse-recharge magnetic nozzle for PuFF." Faculty mentor: Dr. Jason T. Cassibry

College of Nursing


First: Dana Zahran, "A Correlational Study on Blood Pressure and Body Mass Index in 10-12 Year-Old Children." Faculty mentor: Dr. Thuy Lynch

College of Science


First: Tamara Zaza (co-authors: Shubha R.L. Malla, Shannon E. Weigum), "Functional cell separation of transformable microorganisms from complex microbial niches." Faculty mentor: Dr. Tatyana A. Sysoeva

Second: Christine Evans (co-authors: Kane Cook, Sara Miller, Alex Younger), "Utilizing Synthetic Aperture Radar and NASA Earth Observations to Identify Optimal Transportation Routes to Assist Emergency Responders after Flood Events in the Ohio River Valley." Faculty mentor: Dr. Robert Griffin

Third: Samuel Bowling (co-authors: Logan Curtis, Benjamin Snedden, Emma Leiser, Lennen Madere, Mary Beth Robertson, Nicholas Schragal, Ridaa Fatima), "Using Automation to Improve Telescope Usability." Faculty mentor: Dr. James Miller


First: Katherine Strattman (co-author: Umesh Haritashya), "Contrasting Patterns in Surface Ice Velocity of Glaciers in the Nepal Himalayas." Faculty mentor: Dr. Robert Griffin

Second: Andrea Nicolau (co-authors: Kelsey Herndon, Africa Flores), "Applications of NASA Earth Observations for Monitoring Forest Loss in the Madre de Dios Region of Peru." Faculty mentor: Dr. Robert Griffin

Third: Leah Parker (co-authors: Dr. Lee Ellenburg, Dr. Tom Sever), "Evaluating historical development within riparian corridors in North Alabama for conservation." Faculty mentor: Dr. Robert Griffin