MultiMaker Lab Location

The MultiMaker Lab is on the first floor of the Salmon Library by the lobby (LIB115). 

To find current hours, visit the the MutiMaker Lab Libguide.

Lab Coordinator

Contact: Anna Kate Tippett (, phone: 256-824-6130)

Printing Fees

  • 3D Printing (PLA, either size): $1.00 + $0.12/gram* (with $3.00 minimum). 
  • Poster Printing: $2.50 per half-foot of roll (roll = 42" wide, minus margins). No fee for cutting. 

Fees must be paid before print job will start. Payments can be made at the User Services Desk using FLEX, check, credit card, or debit card.

* Note: estimated printing costs will be based on total material used, including supports and any extra material in the print.

Print Request Forms

If you would like to schedule a print job at the MultiMaker Lab, you can download this 3D/Poster Print Request form, print it out, fill in the details, and bring it into the MultiMaker Lab (LIB115) to finish scheduling your job and find out about making your payment.


The M. Louis Salmon Library MultiMaker Lab is a place to collaborate, create, learn, and explore. It combines the services and equipment from the Makerspace and the Multimedia Lab into a new larger, more convenient location on the first floor. It is an area to print, build, finish, and otherwise bring your work to life. Need to paint a landscape for class? Want to convert a photo into a logo? Want a real life version of your CAD model? Have a design you’d like as a poster? Like to make a prototype of your product idea? This is the place for UAH students, faculty, and staff to do that and more.

Currently the MultiMaker Lab has 3D printers, a Poster Printer, a Glowforge laser printer, a sewing machine, and a Cricut. There are also cameras, microphones, and other audio-visual equipment for checkout. 

In the future, we plan to add additional equipment, so let us know what you’d like to see next!

To see more information about any of our equipment, see the MutiMaker Lab Libguide.