Internal Hiring Guidelines


Positions must be advertised on the UAH Joblist for a minimum of three working days before an offer of employment can be made. Weekly staff vacancies are advertised online through UAH's web site.  A department may also wish to run an advertisement in a newspaper or professional journal. Staff Employment can compose an advertisement or accept a written ad from the department (subject to review and approval by Staff Employment). Each department will incur the cost of advertising.

Application for Employment

The UAH Human Resources department is pleased to offer an online application service for all staff positions. We hope that this service will allow us to process your application in a more timely and efficient manner. This process should only take a few minutes and you have the option of attaching multiple documents in Word or .pdf formats. If you don't have access to a computer, or if you need assistance completing your application, please visit our office between 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. A computer kiosk is located in our office in Shelbie King Hall, Room 102, for your convenience.

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Position Authorization and Recruitment Form (PARF)

Before a position can be filled, the hiring department must obtain approval to recruit utilizing this form. The form requires information on the hours and days of work, employment status, location of the position, a statement of minimum qualifications (including those qualifications that are desired but not required) and budget requirements. Because this information is used to advertise and screen applicants for the position, approval is given by the Staff Employment Office to verify that only job-related, objective requirements have been stipulated for the position. The department should indicate whether this opening is a new position or the replacement of a terminating employee. The budget portion of the form should also be completed in conjunction with the Budget Office to guarantee that adequate funding is available.  The PARF is available online. Additionally, if the existing job description on file in Human Resources is over 3 years old, you will be required to submit an updated "Staff Position Questionnaire" (See below for more information).

Position Authorization and Recruitment Routing Form

In order to ensure proper routing and review of the Position Approval & Recruitment Form (PARF), an accompanying routing form is now required for each PARF effectively immediately.  When a need for a new position or change to a position occurs, the PARF and the Position Approval Routing Form will initiate in the originating department and both will circulate through each required review office, with final approval occurring with the appropriate Vice President. Details on the approval process are listed on the Position Approval Routing Form.  Questions regarding the forms and routing process may be directed to Human Resources at or 256.824.6545.

Staff Position Questionnaire

The Staff Position Questionnaire Form, also known as the job description, is completed by each department for all existing and all newly created staff positions. Its purpose is to identify the essential functions of a position and the minimum qualifications required for the position. Review of this form by Staff Employment helps ensure that stated qualifications are job-related and objective. Special attention is given to minimum requirements for a position matching those on the PARF. The questionnaire is also used in screening applications during the hiring process. All sections are to be completed, including the organizational chart and the physical demands section. Job descriptions are maintained by the Staff Employment Office. If a position becomes vacant that does not have a current job description on file (within the last 3 years), the department will be required to complete a new description before the position can be advertised.

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Salary Information

All applicants referred for an interview have been advised of salary ranges in the Staff Employment Office. The starting salary will be determined jointly by the hiring department and the Staff Employment Office;therefore, salary information, reference checks, employment procedures and employment offers should not be discussed at the department level.

Screening and Interviewing Report

The screening and interview report must be completed on each qualified applicant (in the "yes" file) by the reviewing manager and returned to Staff Employment before an offer of employment can be made. The purpose of this form is to monitor the hiring department's compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action policy and the University's non-discrimination guidelines. The list of reasons not to hire is not meant to be exhaustive. More in-depth explanations are welcome.

Completing the Selection Process

When a candidate has been selected, Staff Employment will complete reference and/or degree checks on the individual, verify employment eligibility, verify starting salary with the department and then will extend a verbal offer. An orientation date will be scheduled with the Benefits Office and an offer letter mailed, a copy of which will go to the hiring department. New employee orientation is conducted each Wednesday in Shelbie King Hall, Room 127. Staff Employment will also send out the appropriate notifications to applicants not selected for the position.

Temporary Services

Should your department need a temporary employee through our temporary employment contract, please complete the temporary employee request form and return the form via email to


If a department wishes to test applicants as part of the selection process, all tests must be pre approved and administered by Human Resources. If a test is administered, all applicants who interview for a position must receive the same test under the same test conditions. The results of the tests will be weighed before the interview process begins and the results will be used in determining the hiring decision.