Hosting a Summer Camp at UAH

If you want to host your Summer Camp at UAH for Summer 2023, please review the following:

When can I submit a summer camp request?

Summer camp reservation requests will be accepted through March 31, and requests will only be taken during this period.

What are the available dates this summer for my camps?

UAH Room Reservations

  • Academic Classrooms, Conference rooms, Banquet Halls, and Theaters will be available from May 1st to August 4th, depending on the specific space.
  • The University Fitness Center spaces will be available from May 15th to July 31st.

Dining Reservations

  • The Charger Cafe will able to take reservations to camps between June 1st and July 28th.
    • Breakfast (7 am to 8:30 am)
    • Lunch (11:30 am to 1 pm)**
    • Dinner (4:30 pm to 6 pm)

**Any camp or group present during Summer Orientation will have restricted hours for lunch**

Housing Room Reservations

  • Housing Rooms on campus will be available between May 28th and July 28th.

What documentation is required to be approved to host a summer camp at UAH?

The following documents are required to be approved by the UAH Office of Counsel, UAH Risk Management, and the Vice President of Student Affairs before a reservation can be processed as complete:

  • Indemnity and Release Contracts
  • Child Protection Policy Documents (if applicable)
  • Certificate of Insurance

What are the UAH Child Protection Policies?

06.09.01 Child Protection Policy

This policy covers 

  • ALL Activities or programs for or that include children including, but not limited to: overnight camps, instructional programs, day camps, academic camps, and sports camps, and facility rentals to third-party organizations.
  • Faculty or staff who bring children to campus as interns or volunteers outside of a structured activity or program for or that include children (e.g., to intern in a laboratory).
  • Student organizations or any other University affiliated organization operating, facilitating, or sponsoring activities or programs for or that includes children.

General Insurance Requirements

CPP website

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon confirmation of your camp, you will be connected to resources and must fulfill all requirements under these policies at least four weeks before your arrival on campus. Changes to your staff or camp size can impact these requirements and involve you updating materials.

What are the various costs associated with having a camp at UAH?

Utilize these materials when submitting your request. An estimate detailing the cost of your request will be sent before approval, and you will be expected to pay your final invoice within 30 days of receipt.

UAH Event Services Rental Rates

University Recreation Space Rates

  • Various renovation projects are occurring, which may mean specific spaces are unavailable for parts of the summer.

Dining Camp Rates:

  • $7.00 Breakfast 
  • $8.75 Lunch**
  • $10.47 Dinner
  • Dining Services reserves the right to close the Charger Cafe to all groups if there are less than 100 individuals scheduled, and this number is shared between all camps present on campus at that time.
  • Your final meal count is set two weeks before your arrival. No additional meals will be added after that point, and any extra meals must be purchased at the door at the non-camp rate.
  • **Lunch hours and availability will change if Campus Orientation is occurring on campus**

Housing Camp Rates:

  • $43.00 Private room with a private bath, no linens
  • $23.00 Private room with a shared bath, no linens

  • Various renovation projects may mean returning groups will need to utilize different spaces than they did in previous years.

What is the deadline to change summer camp information before arriving on campus?

Once approved, no changes can be made to a reservation after two weeks before the start of the summer camp. All summer camp information MUST BE FINAL by this date. This includes the number of meals, campers, staff, and spaces needed.

For insurance purposes and multiple projects on the UAH Campus this summer, there will be no room for last-minute requests for additional space.

Ready to submit your request

The person completing the request form will be the primary contact for your camp or group. UAH is not responsible for communicating with multiple parties in your organization and should be notified immediately if your primary contact has changed.

Any questions related to your request form may be directed to

If you have reviewed those materials and are ready to complete the Summer Camp Reservation Request form, please complete this form.