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The Honors Capstone is your opportunity to do significant research, design, or creative activity in one of the academic disciplines here at UAH. [All examples below are actual student Capstones!]


The Capstone can be a thesis – a thoroughly researched essay. Examples:

  • Lab work investigating the potential for various compounds to kill cancer cells,
  • A mathematical model of traffic flow
  • Historical research into Japanese Internment Camps


The Capstone can also be a project – hands-on work that involves designing, building, testing and/or displaying the results of your work. Examples:

  • Design, build, and test a vacuum chamber to observe vacuum ignition
  • Design and test a sensor to monitor rotor blade oscillation
  • Design and manufacture costumes for a UAH theater production
  • Write and implement a “to do list” app for the iPhone

Note that projects still require a written explanation of the project, but the focus is on the actual work of the project, not the written explanation.


That sounds fun, but intimidating – how will I ever get there?

The Capstone does not have to be separate from other research or creative work that you will already do as part of your time at UAH. Capstones can come from:

  • A final research or creative project already required for your major
  • A class project or paper which you decide to develop further
  • A relationship you develop with an instructor whose work interests you
  • Part of a summer research project, a co-op or internship, or a study abroad experience
  • Something you did as part an academic club

Students can complete their Capstone at any time.


Your capstone doesn’t have to be:

  • Done during your senior year, it can be done earlier
  • In you major (for example, STEM students sometimes do Capstones in Humanities or Arts)
  • Your own idea; you may help faculty with their research, but it does have to be your work


To start the process, there are some electronic forms that need to be filled out, and you will need to select both a course to use for your Capstone and a Capstone director. Typically, you do not need an extra course to earn your Capstone hours. The best way to start is to look through the Capstone Handbook and to meet with the Director of Undergraduate Research, David Cook.


Honors Capstone Handbook Capstone PowerpointPast Honors Capstones


If you are a Mechanical or Aerospace major and would like to do your Capstone through Senior Design, please see Senior Design information.

If you are a Nursing major, see Honors Nursing.


To find out more about the Honors Capstone and how you can get involved in undergraduate research, make an appointment with David Cook, Director of Undergraduate Research, by sending an email to