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Honors Nursing Curriculum

The Honors College offers a specialized Honors upper-level curriculum for College of Nursing students. Honors students in Nursing have the option of completing the full 24 hour Honors Diploma or a 12 hour Honors Certificate.

The specialized Honors Nursing courses are:

NUR 307 prepares you to select a research topic, develop a research question, and secure a relationship with a nurse researcher who will serve as a research adviser. This course is taught in a seminar format.

NUR 415 develops your research methodology, helps you collect data, and leads you to engage in preliminary data analysis. You will have close access to expert researchers in the field.

NUR 407 guides you through data collection, data analysis, development or results, and thesis completion. Dissemination of results in a public setting is a priority goal for students taking this course.           

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Honors Capstone in Nursing Information

Early Promotion into UAH Nursing Program (EPNP)

The Early Promotion into UAH Nursing Program (EPNP) is an exciting new Nursing Program being offered by The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) College of Nursing. Highly qualified students who enter UAH as freshmen, declare Nursing as their major, take all lower division Nursing coursework as listed in the BSN lower division program of study on the UAH campus, and meet the requirements listed below will be guaranteed a slot in the upper division Nursing courses. Since students will also be eligible to enroll in the UAH Honors College, it is an expectation that students enrolling in the EPNP will also apply and enroll in the UAH Honor's College.

See the College of Nursing website for more information.