The Dean's Scholar Program is an exciting nursing program being offered by The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) College of Nursing. Highly qualified students who enter UAH as freshmen, declare nursing as their major, complete all lower-division nursing coursework on the UAH campus, and meet the requirements listed below will be enrolled in the program and guaranteed a slot in the upper-division nursing courses. Since students will also be eligible to enroll in the UAH Honors College, it is expected that students enrolling in the Dean's Scholar Program will also apply and enroll in the UAH Honors College.

High school students who meet the following criteria automatically qualify for the Dean's Scholar Program:

  • A high school GPA of 3.5.*

To maintain a good standing status for promotion into the upper division of nursing, Dean's Scholar students must:

  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 on all required courses given in the BSN lower division program of study.
  • Successful completion of the required BSN lower-division program of study at UAH.
  • An overall cumulative score of at least 80% on the HESI Admissions Assessment (A2) exam.
  • Students who do not meet these criteria and are still interested in applying for the EPNP may have an individual assessment of their application performed.

* Requirements and conditions are subject to change.

Enrollment in the UAH Honors College provides students an opportunity to have enriched freshman and sophomore years and additional academic support in preparation for admittance into upper-division nursing. The combined Dean's Scholar Program/Honors College is not an accelerated nursing program but assures highly motivated undergraduates' promotion into the UAH College of Nursing after completing lower-division courses while maintaining a 3.25 GPA.

Scholarship support can be used to cover tuition and fees. University merit scholarships are available for in-state and out-of-state students who meet the criteria. Additional scholarships are available for in-state students who meet the requirements and conditions of the program and are Alabama residents who have completed their high school education in Alabama (Bryant Bank Excellence in Nursing Scholarship). Students can find information about competitive scholarships at