Miles-Gannett works with Lasers
Cameron Sawyer holds a beaker
Joshua Corbin cuts material
An honors student gives a research presentation.

As a national research university, UAH offers undergraduates the opportunity to take part in research throughout their academic career. Research and creative projects are integral to preparing for a professional career or further study, no matter the field.

Research allows students to...

  • Develop skills in problem-solving and analysis
  • Learn something that's not in a textbook
  • Get hands-on experience
  • Make a contribution to their field with real-world implications
  • Challenge themselves in new ways
  • Collaborate with experts in their area of study (faculty, researchers, and graduate students)
  • Build a resume or portfolio that stands out in the job market

Studies show that undergraduates involved in research tend to...

  • Stay enrolled, do better academically, and graduate
  • Create strong relationships with faculty, researchers, and administrators
  • Participate in other opportunities (scholarships, internships, awards, leadership positions)
  • Be better prepared for graduate school and the job market

The Capstone Project

To find out more about the Honors Capstone Project, download our handbook.

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Questions about Research?

To find out more about how you can get involved in undergraduate research, make an appointment with David Cook, Director of Undergraduate Research, by sending an email to dac0010@uah.edu.

Undergraduate Research