The UAH campus is approximately 505 acres in area comprising close to 40 buildings and maintained landscape. On our campus there are more than 300 different trees varieties. Many are unusual and not commonly see in the landscape or this region of the country. Many of these are labeled for your convenience. There are other numerous varieties of shrubs and perennials as well.

Eventually, the plan is to display more than 500 different trees that are useful to the urban forester, landscape professional, and homeowner. One goal is to acquaint the public and professional with different trees that are successful in the landscape, but not well known, and thus offer a varied palette beyond the 20 to 30 trees that are commonly used in the landscape today.

Our goal in the grounds area is to not only provide for the routine care and service to the University but to develop the campus, so that it can be an asset to the community of Huntsville and this region. You are invited to visit and enjoy the fields of horticulture and arboriculture as it grows and ages on the grounds of the UAH campus.

The Grounds Management department is also responsible for development and execution of the UAH Recycling Program.

Campus photos