Exploratory Advising FAQs

What degree programs does UAH offer?

UAH offers over 110 degree areas of study among 9 colleges. See Exploratory Advising: Explore Majors for details and to explore majors.

I feel very overwhelmed trying to choose a major. What should I do first?

Selecting a major can be difficult. First take the FOCUS2 assessment. FOCUS2 is an academic and career planning tool that takes into consideration your personality, interests, skills and attributes and suggests occupations and majors based on your portfolio. Then schedule an appointment with the exploratory advisor to discuss your results and begin exploring majors.

I chose a major, but I don’t think it’s a good fit. Do I have any options?

Yes, you can change your major if you need to. If you plan to change majors within the same college, schedule an appointment with that college’s advisor and they’ll provide you with a change of major form and discuss your new program of study.

If you wish to change colleges, schedule an appointment with exploratory advising to be sure the new college will be a good fit. If so, the exploratory advisor will assist you with a change of college form and refer you to that college’s advisor to schedule an appointment to discuss your new program of study.

I’ve chosen a college, but not a major. Which advisor should I see?

You’ll need to see the advisor for your chosen college: Academic Advising.

How do I find out about the types of careers associated with my major?

FOCUS2 can help: view “What can I do with a major in” to explore career options. You should also schedule an appointment with Career Services to learn about available internships or co-ops.

I’m considering going into a professional field such as law or medicine. What should I major in?

The good news is you can major in any area for your undergraduate degree. Many students who go into law choose majors such as English, History, Political Science, Philosophy, or Communication Arts. Often students wanting to pursue medicine will major in fields such Biology, Chemistry or Engineering. Once you decide that a professional pathway is right for you, contact UAH’s Pre-professional advisor to get more information about preparing for professional programs in your field of choice.