In addition to a diverse industry-connected faculty, the department operates ISEEM research labs where both faculty and student researchers do the hands-on work springing from program coursework. Many grants, fellowships, and research projects originate directly from the region’s aerospace and defense industry, but many more come from government sponsors of small- and large-scale university-based research. For instance:

  • For instance, the Department of Energy will be funding a UAH investigation into systems engineering research; Dr. Paul Collopy and student researchers will travel to over 110 laboratories across North America, and may visit facilities in South America, as well.
  • Dr. L. Dale Thomas and student researchers are assisting the Marshall Space Flight Center with CubeSats that will be launched in the first space launch system flight planned for next year. The lab is simulating the mission profile from deployment to activation, integrating several key models for future launch to better understand constraints on starting points.
  • Dr. Bryan Mesmer and two student researchers are working with the NASA Systems Engineering Consortium on executing preferences relative to rocket and space life-support systems in a collaborative lab space.

The program offers many opportunities for students interested in exploring hypotheses in systems engineering, which itself is a vast field with countless applications across industries. To further illuminate all that the ISEEM program has to offer by way of hands-on laboratory research, please visit our laboratory pages (coming May 2017):

  • Complex Systems Integration Lab (CSIL)
  • Imagining Systems Engineering Lab (ImagEnS)