Engineers solve real-life problems. Human civilization has continuously sought to find more efficient solutions, consequently engineering is a profession always in demand. Today it is commonplace to see computers with high resolution screens everywhere - in our cars, homes, offices and industry; and their operation, as is our high standard of living that we have taken for granted depends on high quality, affordable, reliable and secure electricity. Electrical and computer engineering are highly interrelated that one cannot work without the other. They both require a solid foundation of math and physics. Programming (software) and hardware knowledge is important for both majors.

Our undergraduate programs provide adequate breadth by requiring many common classes in their freshmen and sophomore years. Students have opportunities to learn more in depth about their respective programs in several junior and senior level courses and capstone design projects. Our students have opportunities to work on aircraft and rocket controls, cybersecurity issues, simulators for defense applications, video games, electronic materials and systems that promise clean and efficient sources of electricity, wearable technologies, and a whole lot more. Being in the Huntsville area that is abundant with high-tech industry serving the nation’s defense and civilian operations is a tremendous advantage for our students. ECE faculty work very closely with them on exciting research projects and this ensures that our students are highly sought after upon graduation.

The ECE Department offers fully accredited degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering through the Ph.D. level, Bachelor's Degree in Cybersecurity, as well as Master's Degrees in Software Engineering and Cybersecurity. These degree programs are designed to not simply train students to be users of current technology but to educate them so they actually understand how this technology works. This knowledge allows our alumni to be innovators throughout their lives and become active contributors to the ever-changing technological landscape. Our graduates can be found throughout the world actively impacting industry, government, and academia.

Thank you for your interest in UAH and our department. Please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the faculty and staff within the ECE Department if we can provide you with any additional information, answer your questions, or help you in any way.

Best wishes,

Ravi S. Gorur, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
ENG 272