Materials Engineering Elective Sequence

CHE 494 Applied Materials Engineering (3 credit hours)

Synthesis and processing methods of materials for engineering applications. Selection and use of materials performance factors for design of structural and functional components. Use of computational methods in solving open-ended design problems that depend on an understanding of the nature and properties of materials will be emphasized. All classes of materials are covered. Prerequisites: CHE 294, CHE 347

CHE 495 Polymer Engineering (3 Credit Hours)

Engineering principles of polymers and their role in manufacturing processes. Aspects of polymer phenomena and their relationship to processing of structural and functional components. Prerequisites: CHE 494, CH 540

We recommend that students interested in the Materials Engineering Elective Sequence select the Physical or Biophysical Chemistry Science Elective Tract.

Biotechnology/Biochemical Engineering Engineering Elective Sequence

CHE 460 Introduction to Bioprocess Engineering (3 Credit Hours)

Application of engineering principles to analysis of and development and design of processes using biological catalysts including enzymes, plant and animal cells, and genetically engineered cells. Other topics include fermentation and biolocal mass transport processes. Prerequisites: CH 361, CH 362

CHE 461 Bioseparations (3 Credit Hours)

General characteristics of separation processes used in the biotechnology industry, including the removal of insolubles, isolation and purification of thermally sensitive products and the preparation for final use by the customer. Application of unit operation principles for biological separations, recombinant DNA techniques, and protein engineering. Prerequisites: CH 361, CH 362, CHE 460

Students interested in the Biochemical Engineering Elective Sequence should select the Biochemistry Science Elective Tract  Note the prerequisites of CH 361 and CH 363, which are Biochemistry I and Biochemistry I Laboratory, respectively.