In the case of a fire incident, follow these steps:

  1. Remain calm.
  2. Activate the fire alarm system upon discovering a fire, explosion or smoke in the building. Find the nearest fire alarm pull station. After sounding the alarm, call the University Police at 256-824-6911 and provide the following:
    Building name:
    Room number:
    Type of incident:
  3. Contain the fire by closing doors and windows.
  4. After sounding the alarm, attempt to contain a *SMALL FIRE* by utilizing available fire extinguishers *IF TRAINED TO DO SO*. If fire is beyond control or involves potentially explosive materials, evacuate the building.
  5. Evacuate when a fire alarm sounds. A complete evacuation is required. Walk, do not run, to the nearest stairway exit and proceed to ground level. The alarm may not sound continuously. If the alarm stops, continue the evacuation and warn others who may attempt to stay or enter the building after the alarm stops.
  7. Leave the building and move towards an assembly area, leaving walkways and drives open for arriving firefighters. Do not return to the building until directed to do so by police or fire officers.
  8. Someone familiar with the situation and who knows the area involved should meet the Fire Department.
  9. Everyone must follow the orders of the Fire and Police Departments when they arrive.
  10. Notify firefighters on the scene if you suspect someone may be trapped inside the building or if mobility impaired persons are waiting for assistance in the stairwells.
  11. Report potential hazards or address fire prevention questions to Environmental Health & Safety at 824-2171.